Photos on Canvas

Photos on Canvas

Printing on Canvas is a great new way to display your digital photographs! The simple process of taking a photograph, uploading it to our Design tool, and placing the order is all it takes! With this stylish new trend you'll be able to display your finest photographs anywhere you wish, just in a bigger, better, and fun way! If you have an older photograph or any type of picture you want to add to canvas, no problem. We can scan any photograph at a high resolution and have it done the same way we would with a digital picture. Whether you are an avid photographer, an amateur photographer, or simply a customer with a digital camera, this amazing process of adding any type of photo to a canvas background is truly amazing and makes a wonderful gift for ANY occasion.

Photos on Canvas (Rolled) Photos on Canvas (Rolled)

These rolled photo to canvas prints come as is. Directly from the printer, we let these non-stretched canvas prints dry and then roll them up like a poster. Rolled prints are great if you want to do your own stretching or gallery wrapping or something completely different on your own.

Photos on Canvas (Standard Stretch) Photos on Canvas (Standard Stretch)

Canvas wrapped around a .75" or 7/16" thick wooden frame with white border. This is the most common choice for customers planning to frame at a later date. The digital image does not wrap around the edges of the wooden frame. They fit well in frames and will not protrude from wall.

Photos on Canvas (Gallery Wrap) Photos on Canvas (Gallery Wrap)

In canvas printing, the term gallery wrap refers to an image that appears on the sides of the frame as well as the front. The image on the sides is either a continuation or a reflection of the main image, or an otherwise fabricated element such as a solid color or colors derived from the adjacent image.

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