Triple Sales Donation Fundraising Thermometer

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Triple Sales Donation Fundraising Thermometer

42"w x 48"h 22"w x 28"h 36"w x 48"h 24"w x 24"h 36"w x 36"h 48"w x 48"h
1+ $93.66 $40.42 $86.75 $32.33 $72.00 $100.33
2+ $88.98 $38.40 $82.41 $30.72 $68.40 $95.32
6+ $87.10 $37.59 $80.68 $30.07 $66.96 $93.31
11+ $84.29 $36.38 $78.07 $29.10 $64.80 $90.30
16+ $82.42 $35.57 $76.34 $28.45 $63.36 $88.29

Additional Information

The above pricing is for digital glossy poster print. Our stock paper is a 212 gram indoor-outdoor, solvent ink-jet, side-out coated, high quality paper. At no additional cost, you can have your design printed on a 13 oz. vinyl banner of the same proportions.

If you would like to upgrade to have your checks laminated or laminated and then mounted to Foam Core, PVC, or Coroplast, please check the appropriate check boxes next to the picture above.

Use these over sized thermometers to help guide you along to reaching any specific goals with in your company or for your own personal use. These thermometers are also good for fund raising events to assist you and others in showing where you stand for obtaining a certain amount of money.

Using our templates, you can change the images and/or text to add what it is you want. Add your own logo and dollar amounts within our online design tool. Simply delete what we have there and add your own. It's that easy.


Attribute Description
PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING PLEASE NOTE: You must remove any “sample text” on the template design and add your own text or leave blank otherwise Your order will print as shown on the screen with sample text. Please, read the context of your order carefully To avoid mistakes. Any items missed that need to be added or shipping cost not incorporated will be invoiced separately and must be paid via credit card, cash or check.
Artwork Have Design Signs Online design and layout your poster.
Make it a 13 oz Banner Printed on durable 13 oz. vinyl material and is grommeted every two feet.
Make it a Decal - Ready to Apply (RTA) Your poster will be digitally printed on adhesive backed vinyl. Choose this option if you would like to install your poster. With this ready to apply decal you will have the ability to apply your sign to any smooth surface.
Dry Erase Choose this option if you want to reuse these thermometers. This option gives you the power to wipe away old text and add new text time and time again. If you choose this option, you will have to delete all the text or the text you will be reusing in our design too
2nd Side Same Same information (graphics and text) on the back side of the sign
3 mil Hot Lamination This film provides a matte finish with superior adhesion to fully printed surfaces to completely encapsulate your poster. This film offers excellent abrasion-resistant properties.
4MM White PVC 4mm PVC signs are lightweight durable plastic material, with a smooth matte finish on both sides. Along with coroplast PVC is a great choice for quick and temporary signage. The surface has virtually no glare or reflection which has a conservative appeal. Plastic PVC Signs are lightweight, thin and easy to mount with screws, double-sided tape or adhesive. PVC is best used indoors but can be used outdoor for short term periods.
10 mil Hot Lamination This film is the hardest and most rigid of all our laminates. It puts a clear polyester-based thermal film over the top and bottom of the your digital poster. It offers excellent abrasion-resistant properties. This film provides superior adhesion and clarity on coated/glossy paper stocks and fully encapsulates your poster.
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