Straight Wind Sail Sign Banners

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Straight Wind Sail Sign Banners


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The Bowflag® Basic Straight Wind Sail Banner is a versatile flagpole constructed of sturdy aluminum and flexible fiberglass poles. It is offered in six sizes with a maximum height of 17’. Your client’s custom print features a straight edge at the bottom and is finished with a reinforced pole tip as well as a pole sleeve that features graphics instead of poly-stretch header tape. Your client’s flagpole can be set up in less than a minute because its fitted poles don’t require tools for assembly. After use, this bowhead banner can be transported easily in the included economy bag or optional carrying case. Use the Bowflag® Basic Sail Banner with any of our indoor or outdoor base solutions to draw attention to a store’s new product or to advertise low financing rates at a dealership.

The Bowflag® Basic Straight Wind Sail Flag is a versatile flag display. Its structure consists of aluminum and fiberglass poles that are offered in six sizes, stretching from 4’ to 17’ tall. The single-reverse or double-sided custom print comes in six sizes from 1’x3’ to 3’x15’. To assemble this flagpole, simply put the fitted poles together and secure the print to the hardware with the Bungee Cord and Bungee Cord Tensioner. The Bowflag® Basic has a number of base options available, from above-ground solutions like a steel plate to in-ground solutions like the Auger Sleeve with Bearing. Does your client’s display need additional stability? Select one of our optional accessories, such as the Weight Bag 2gal or L Stake 8” Set (2pk). The Bowflag®Basic has four other shapes available, including Concave, Convex, Angled, and Drop. All five Bowflag® Basic shapes utilize the same hardware, so switching to one of the other shapes doesn’t require your client to purchase new hardware. Bowflag® Basic prints are offered in 20 stock colors if a custom design is not necessary.


  • XXSmall – 1.3′ x 3.1′
  • XSmall – 1.6′ x 4.9′
  • Small – 1.8′ x 6.6′
  • Medium – 2.0′ x 8.5′
  • Large – 2.6′ x 11.2′
  • XLarge – 2.8′ x 14.8′


  • Multiflag® – Knitted polyester fabric with excellent through print and high resistance to tearing

Layout & Finishing

  • Single-reverse – Hemmed sides, left side finished with pole sleeve made of printed flag material with header tape reinforcement, tab sewn at bottom of print
  • Double-sided – Two prints sewn together with a blocking inner liner, pillow-case style hemmed sides, left side finished with pole sleeve made of printed flag material with header tape reinforcement tip, tab sewn at bottom of print
HardwarePart Number


  • XXSmall – #H_BF00061
  • XSmall – #H_BF00071
  • Small – #H_BF00100
  • Medium – #H_BF00200
  • Large – #H_BF00300
  • XLarge – #H_BF00400


  • XXSmall – 4.1′
  • XSmall – 5.9′
  • Small – 8.2′
  • Medium – 10.2′
  • Large – 13.5′
  • XLarge – 17.1′


  • XXSmall – 0.5lb
  • XSmall – 0.7lb
  • Small – 0.9lb
  • Medium – 1.0lb
  • Large – 1.4lb
  • XLarge – 2.0lb


  • Aluminum pole(s)
  • Fiberglass pole(s)
  • Clamp set
  • Economy bag

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